How to Make Travel a Financial Priority

how to start a travel fund

Expert Tips from Danielle Desir Corbett

In the latest podcast episode of “Me and the Magic,” host Amanda Bauner engages in an insightful conversation with financial expert and travel enthusiast Danielle Desir Corbett. In the episode, Danielle shares valuable insights into making travel a financial priority and offers practical tips for enjoying affordable adventures. From setting up dedicated travel funds to being mindful of destination choices, Danielle’s expertise is a treasure trove for anyone looking to incorporate travel into their financial goals.

How to Start a Travel Fund

One of Danielle’s key strategies for prioritizing travel is starting and managing dedicated travel funds. She explains how she actively manages two travel funds: one for planned family vacations and another for spontaneous road trips and day trips. Naming the funds based on specific trips, such as the “Berlin fund” for an upcoming adventure in Germany, adds a personal touch and keeps Danielle motivated to save.

Detailed Planning and Expense Organization

While Danielle typically doesn’t create spreadsheets for each trip, she shares her approach to organizing expenses for a trip. This method involves using a notes app and calendar to track spending and payment deadlines. By sharing her personal strategies, Danielle emphasizes the importance of detailed planning and expense organization for successful budgeting and travel fund management.

Avoiding Budgeting Pitfalls

Danielle cautions against underestimating the total cost of a trip and emphasizes the need to consider factors like activities, food, souvenirs, and other expenses. She offers valuable resources, including blog posts from travel bloggers, Pinterest for visuals, and websites like Numbeo for cost breakdowns and estimates. By leveraging these resources, travelers can avoid budgeting pitfalls and plan for a more realistic travel budget.

Key Financial Considerations for Travel

Understanding the importance of financial management during travel, Danielle highlights the significance of using the right credit card with no foreign transaction fees and being mindful of a destination’s payment preferences. She also stresses the importance of open communication about spending expectations when traveling with others, a crucial aspect of responsible and enjoyable travel experiences.

Maximizing Travel Budget and Experiences

The conversation touches on the idea of stretching travel budgets to afford multiple trips and the value of post-trip debriefing for future travels. Through guided tours and cruises, travelers can discover their preferences and budgeting styles, leading to more fulfilling and financially responsible travel experiences.


Danielle Desir Corbett’s expert insights into making travel a financial priority provide listeners with actionable strategies and valuable resources for managing travel funds, budgeting effectively, and maximizing travel experiences. The episode underscores the importance of being informed, intentional, and strategic when incorporating travel into financial goals, empowering listeners to embark on affordable adventures and explore the world without compromising their financial well-being.


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