30 Best Travel Gifts to Give and Receive

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‘Tis the season of gift-giving! Do you have someone in your life who loves to travel? Or maybe you are the one who is fulfilled by traveling, and you’re wondering what to put on your wish list! 

Based on my research, my travel experiences, and input from the Me and the Magic community, here are the best travel gifts to give and receive. I’ve arranged the items by category, starting with general travel and then getting more specific about the types of travel. You’ll find gift ideas for international trips, road trips, theme park trips, and cruises. 

Any Type of Travel

Unless you’re going on a backpacking adventure, there is one item you need for just about any type of travel… a good suitcase! The debate about hard-sided versus soft-sided luggage is not for here. Instead, I’ll share my favorite suitcase brand’s best carry-on: the Travelpro Maxlite 5 softside expandable upright 22-inch suitcase. It comes in a variety of colors (I’m partial to the blue). I have been using Travelpro luggage for years, and it has held up very well. Plus, I’m always amazed at how much I can fit into these suitcases. 

I love packing cubes! They are a game-changer in how I pack. There are many great brands on the market. I’ve been using eBags for well over a decade, and they are very durable. Plus, the eBags pack-it-flat toiletry bag has been my go-to toiletry bag for years. I can fit so much into this bag! The hook is great to hang it off a towel rod in a bathroom, and the flat design allows for easy packing and storage as you travel. 

Do you stress about how much your luggage weighs at the end of a trip, after you’ve packed it with your souvenirs? This portable luggage scale will save you the stress of realizing at the airport that your suitcase is over the allowed weight limit for checked bags. If you’ve had that happen before (and I have!), then you know the pain of trying to repack your carry-on to accommodate more from your checked luggage at the airline baggage counter. This portable scale will help you (or someone you love) avoid that unpleasant experience. 

If you are checking luggage, or even if you have a carry-on or a laptop bag and want to have a way to track their location, then AirTags are the way to go. I have peace of mind with my AirTags. Plus, they make great stocking stuffers, along with these very handy AirTag silicone cases with keychains

It’s important to always stay hydrated, especially when traveling! Take a reusable water bottle with you, such as this HydroFlask insulated bottle with a flex sip lid

Good quality sleep while traveling allows you to enjoy your travels so much more. I always bring with me these soft foam ear plugs on trips. Also, I like a really dark space to sleep. This sleep mask has helped me block out unwanted light so I can fall asleep more easily. 

Finally, it’s important to capture your memories as you travel. These notebook journals are the perfect size to slip into your day bag, and I love the different colors to choose from. Or bundle and save with the 6-pack for all the colors. 

International Trips

International travel is very exciting, and it comes with some packing needs that are different than a domestic trip.

Depending on your destination, you may need to bring a universal power adapter such as this one

To stay connected at all times, bring a portable charger. This portable charger is compatible with both iPhones and Androids. Also, use a privacy screen to help protect your personal information in public spaces. 

Consider carrying a personal safety alarm such as this one, in case of emergencies. I purchased this personal alarm designed by women for women

Wearing your passport, money, and credit cards is a great way to keep these items safe. Consider this money belt with an RFID passport holder or a travel security belt


If you or a loved one will soon sail away on a Disney cruise, this Disney Cruise packing list has all the necessities for a magical cruise. Here are a few of these items that apply to all types of cruises.

This 3-in-1 charger is great for Apple users and great for limited USB or plug-in ports, as it takes only one cord to charge an iPhone, an Apple watch, and Airpods. 

If you buy nothing else for a cruise, buy this nightlight. It is specifically designed by a cruise company, though it can be used anywhere. It’s battery-operated, and it has a motion sensor. It’s perfect to put in the bathroom so you don’t have to turn on the bright light at night. Or stick its magnetic base to a wall at a low point, so when you get up, it comes on but doesn’t wake up others in the cabin. Can you tell I LOVE it? 

Also for your cabin, if you like some air circulation, this foldable fan is great for just that! Plus, it’s easy to pack since it folds up. 

Magnetic hooks are a must for cruises, since the walls and doors are usually all metal. They increase your storage space and help you hang fun door decorations! 

If you are heading to the beach on your cruise, this mesh beach bag is roomy and great for a day on the beach! I used mine recently on Castaway Cay, and it was perfect. 

Theme Parks

If you’re planning time at Disney parks, Dollywood, Universal Studios, or other theme parks, there are some items that will make your day much more pleasant!

I’ve already mentioned above a reusable water bottle and a portable phone charger. Both are great to take to the theme parks! 

If you’re in Florida, especially between June – October, expect rain. You can purchase ponchos in the park, but why not come prepared with your own poncho that you can easily reuse? Or bring a small travel umbrella to be prepared for those Florida storms. 

Theme park days during summer months, and most months in Florida, can get very warm. This rechargeable personal fan will make such a difference in helping keep you cooler. Or bring cooling towels that you just need to wet to bring a nice cooling effect to your skin. It really does help! I use these cooling towels after my workouts, and they are very durable (just let them air dry). 

Road Trips

It’s always good practice to pack an emergency car kit for road trips. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but in case you do need jumper cables, other tools, ponchos, or first aid items, this kit has it all. 

There are all kinds of coolers to take in a car. If you need a smaller cooler, try this soft cooler pack and seat back organizer with bottle holders. 

If you plan to also go camping and won’t be near a water source, this 6.6-gallon water container will help with your water supply.

If you enjoy your shakes and smoothies each morning, you don’t need to give that up on the road. This portable blender is USB rechargeable and will meet your blending needs.

Lastly, while we rely on GPS for most directions, in some areas cell service isn’t reliable. Or sometimes, we just want a really big atlas! The Rand McNally 2024 Large Road Scale Atlas is perfect for meeting all your navigational needs. I have the 2022 version of this atlas, and I took it with me on my Fall 2022 road trip through 8 states. When I didn’t have cell service in the Smoky Mountains National Park, I pulled out my atlas. It was also great to plan the road trip. The spiral binding makes it very easy to flip through the pages. This atlas also covers Canada and Mexico. 
What travel gifts will you give or put on your wish list? Email me at amanda@meandthemagic.com, or share in the Me and the Magic community.

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